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Eleben - DromepardEdit

Non- Sentient lifeform - Planet Eleben

This carnivorous beast native to Eleben, planet is known for its endurance and ability to retain water for long periods of time.

It is used as beast of burden by the Tocats , as well as an attack and guard animal.

It is praised by the Togar both as prey animal and for its meat.

It also produces a thick sweet and very fat milk that is made into Dromepard butter, cheese and cream.[1]

After the Togar joined the Union , the Tocats  claimed their independence (and joined a year later) and with a grant of the Linda Schwartz foundation  established a Dromepard Co-Op farm that is quickly growing.

While the Dromepard is listed as tradeable life form under XChange - Bioforms- Life - Dromepard - BioHaz 2

The Tocats do not offer them for sale, trying to keep their monopole on Dromepard Dairy and meat products.

The only known life specimen not on Eleben are twelve Dromepards in the Venus Zoo .

The Tocats successfully registered the tradename and Bioform as  a Tocat trademark.

[1] See: Dromepard Products


Carbon based , LDLS , NiOx , 1.1 gee

Sex: Male / Female

Reproduction: Mammalian

The Dromepard appears in small family groups of 6-8 animals with a dominant male. The male maintains its "harem" and defends it against other males.

Since the desert region  where they occur know no season, there is no defined mating season and the females become fertile twice during a standard year.

Calves are born life and mature within one year, during which they nurse from any female animall in the family group.

Young adults leave the family group after they are about two years old, during the Dust storm season migration to the water holes of the Southern Modat mountain valleys.

During this time, young males fight to impress young females and form new family groups.

Wounded or weak males either die or become dangerous loners who prey on everything, including other Dromepards.

The animals have a natural life span of about twenty standard years, but only age that far in captivity. There are no animals older than 8-10 years in the wild.

Their core prey are Eleben Runners , but they are known to prey on anything including Elebe Diggers and Waterhole toads .

The only natural enemy other than themselves and the harsh dry climate are  large Waterhole Lurkers .  

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