(5004 - 5117)

Elena was born to Gudrun the Cook, a Low man's woman working in the kitchen of Ragnarsson Rock in 5004. She was the result of her mother being raped by Harkun, the manservant.

Her mother Gudrun was killed during a Fangsnapper attack in 5011 and she was raised by Midril from then on. Elena's father was a half-brother to Isegrim Olafson, making Elena actually first cousin of Eric Olafson.

Elena killed her father and gained telepathic abilities from Tyr. She was later adopted by Isegrim Olafson, making Elena Eric's sister. Eric and Elena became very close and Elena was among the first who learned about Eric's secret desire to be female.

Elena completed the Ancient Challenge and become the second female doing so. Isegrim gave her full control over all clan business and later made her the first female Clan Chief.

Even though she was considered to be among the most beautiful women of Nilfeheim and she had many love affairs, Elena never married and died childless in 5117.

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