The Elly

The Elly are a non-humanoid Sentient Species of the Upward Sector of the Galaxy. They are related to the Yokuta which occupy the same region of space.
The Elly used to be members of the First and Second Galactic Council but declared them an independent Freespace civilization after the fourth Intergalactic War. The Elly joined the United Stars in 4890.
The Elly are described as bipedal beings walking upright and having one set of arms with three fingered hands (including opposing digit) the average Elly grows to about 210 cm and weighs about 240 kilos. They are NiOx breathers and their home world Elkh has a base gravitation of 1.98
The Elly biologically are marsupial and carry their young in external body pockets. Elly are carbons based with a left turning DNA molecule and able to process left turning sugars. (Same as 70% of all Union Members)

Socially the Elly focus on individualism and the Society is led by those who do not want to lead. That means in practice, the Elly pick male individuals of their society completely random (During the Lead Pick Day, every 4 years) All male adult Elly who have not served or been picked before congregate in Global Pick Centers and like a big Lottery 50 Individuals are picked. And they form a Council that makes the decisions. The Council is advised by seven ministries.

The Elly have deleted and abandoned their civil and criminal law system and adopted the Union Standard Law. All Police on Elly Planets are Union Police.
The Elly used to be one of the strongest and dangerous “Enforcer Species” of the Galactic Council and they are considered good warriors and fighters. Elly are found in all branches of the Federal government and the Military.
The Elly also focus culturally heavily on Music. Music of all forms from Elly and Non Elly sources is an important part of Elly daily life.
Elly believe God is expressed through music and divine spirit is evoked every time music is played (Only life music) any recording is considered praise to the God of Elly.

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