The Emergency Docket Flag is a flag that gives priority of a certain Docket Item.  In theory it can be given to a docket about any subject, but less than 0.5% of the Docket Items that receive the emergency flag are not related to either attacks on Union Space or receiving candidates for Union Membership.

Process for receiving an Emergency Docket Flag.

  • Automatically (Without requiring a vote.)
    • When a delegation representing a new society is ready to make it's case, they notify their host[1] that they are ready to present their case and the host passes that information to the Speaker of the Assembly and raises the Emergency Docket Flag.
    • When news of an attack by outside enemies of the Union reaches the Speaker of the Assembly, a new Docket Item is created with the Emergency Docket Flag for the entire Assembly to have the opportunity to listen to those reports and decide what measures to take at that time.
  • After the list of Dockets to be considered that week has been placed on GalNet, any docket item that receives more than a critical limit of votes from Union Citizens or Representatives will also get an Emergency Docket Flag.


  1. The host's duties are basically to ensure that the new society understands the process of becoming a member and to answer any questions on that topic they might have.  Depending on the circumstances, the host can be:
    • A representative of a neighboring society already a part of the Union;
    • A senior Union officer of the ship or fleet that escorted or transported them to Pluribus Unum;
    • Someone randomly selected from a group of Assembly Staffers trained for this function;
    • A member of that society who individually became an Union Citizen.