Sixth-largest moon by size of Saturn, planet in Sol System. Fourteenth satellite when ordered by distance from Saturn. Orbits within the densest part of the E Ring, the outermost of Saturn's rings.

Density of 1.61 g/cm³

Diameter of 513.2 × 502.8 × 496.6 km

Mass of 1.08022±0.00101)×1020 kg (1.8×10−5 Terra's)

Surface gravity of 0.114 m/s² (0.0113 g)

Surface temperature of 32.9K to 145K (-240.25C to -128.15C)

Atmosphere of 91% water vapor, 4% nitrogen, 3.2% carbon dioxide, and 1.7% methane.

Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn . It was discovered for Earth in 1789 by William Herschel .

Enceladus orbits in the densest part of Saturn's diffuse E ring ,

The moon was first visited and physically surveyed even before the Ascent in 2065 by a joint ESA / India mission. The mission was only partially successful and failed to penetrate the ice surface.

First surface survey was conducted by an United Earth Astronaut team under the lead of United Earth Space Force Captain Rick Sanchez in 2098 . United Earth Sol System Expedition 67 “Ring Moons Mission .

The extensive oceans underneath the ice have an average temperature of -15 degrees on the C scale and despite initial hopes had no native life.

Enceladus was placed on the Sol System object list , “Open” and in 2099 the first “Specialty Colonists ” arrived. Enceladus begun as a Water and Ice mining community and evolved into a very rich mineral trading community after substantial deposits of Rhodium had been discovered.

Today only about 2 % of the traded minerals still come from the moon itself. Several Companies specializing in Rhodium mining and trading are located in the only city, Cronus View .

Enceladus belongs to the Saturn Objects Association and is represented via that association at the Assembly .

The moon has a community of about 800,000 Union Citizens. There is a private Mineral Research Institute.

The moon features a Space Tram stop – with direct connection to Sol Hub . There is a Union School and a Med Station as well as a Union Post Office .

The moon is governed by an Electorate of six individuals -elected every 8 years.

Notable event was the Great Rhodium Robbery in 4002 .

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