The Entrance of the Dignitaries is among the most watched events on GalNet.  While to a casual observer it might appear to be somewhat unstructured, the planning that goes on behind the scenes normally starts two years before the event and is basically fixed a month prior to the Diamond Ball.

In general, the more important the dignatary and for those of same relative importance the more impressive the planned entrance, the later in the show it appears.

The 5019 Entrance of the Dignataries gained a special edition in 5050 when it was discovered that seven of the ten original members of the command team of the USS Tigershark had been filmed making their entrance as part of several delegations.  Of the ten members original members of Olafson's Gang, only Shea Schwartz, Mao Mao Vouza and Hans Neugruber were not spotted arriving due to them using one of the two alternate entrances - the later two arriving at the Crystall Hall  a couple of hours prior to the arrival of the guests.

Besides the entryway used for the Entrance of the Dignataries show, there is another entryway used by guests to the Diamond Ball that prefer a more discrete entrance.  Those working during the Diamond Ball use a third more discrete entryway.

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