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The Year is 5022 (Old Terran Time ). The Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with life and sentient species. Earth is now known as Terra and part of the United Stars of the Galaxies, a multi-cultural mega civilization that by now stretches across two-quarters of the Milky Way Galaxy and has a foothold in the Andromeda Galaxy. There are over 5030 distinctive member civilizations calling themselves members of the Union. The United Stars Space fleet protects this mega civilization against external threats.

Eric Olafson, born on a cold world called Nilfeheim and raised under harsh conditions of a very traditional inward looking society of Neo Vikings left his planet to fulfill his dream to become a Starship captain.

"This is what Sci-Fi is all about. Reads like early Heinlein. In the style of Space Cadets. No esoteric problems... but good ol blaster and space action with a host of relatable characters." - Reed T 

"This story has all the right things such as strong appealing characters, great world building, aliens mystery,and more." - Fran L

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