An exoskeleton (from Greek ἔξω, éxō "outer" and σκελετός, skeletons "skeleton") is the external skeleton that supports and protects a life forms body, in contrast to the internal skeleton (endoskeleton) of, for example, a human. In popular usage, some of the larger kinds of exoskeletons are known as "shells". Examples of exoskeleton animals include insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches. The shells of the various groups of shelled mollusks, including those of snails, clams, tusk shells, chitons and nautilus, are also exoskeletons.

Notable Union member species are: Bellebee , Garbini , Takians , Takkians , Dogulon, Nul and the Quiso

Only a few Union  members feature shells like the :  the Ponomo, Tasuny, the Datry and the Yubve Member species like the : Archa, Petharians and Klack have both Endo- and Exoskeletons

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