Factory is the home world of the X101. The sentient machine race ruled and made by Mother Machine, inhabits a dry cold world in the Magnitude System. It is the only planet in the system and Factory has no natural moons, but two artificial moons called Bolt and Nut.

The planet is inhospitable to most NiOx breathers but all building interiors are provided with standard NiOx atmospheres, pressure and temperatures. There are no open bodies of water on the surface, but there are several large underground oceans and rivers. One of these rivers, Current 4 was used by the Special Ops team of Terra to infiltrate Mother Machine. There is only one city and it has no distinct name, it's called City of Factory now, but X101s have settled all over the planet in so called Community Clusters. 70% of the planet surface appears untouched, most Clusters are sub surface.

Population and Civilization

  • Population: 6 Billion Sentmacs, 12 Million Humans, 1 Million Other Non-Humanoids
  • Civilization: Ex-One-Oh-One, Mother Machine

Astro Political Association

Physical Characteristics

  • Equatorial radius5,396.2 ± 0.1 km
  • Equatorial surface gravity 1.076 g
  • Surface temp. Celsius min, average, max: −87 °C −63 °C 20 °C
  • Atmosphere Surface pressure 0.636 (0.4–0.87) kPa
  • Composition 95.32% carbon dioxide2.7% nitrogen1.6% argon0.13% oxygen0.08% carbon monoxide

Import: Rare Earths, Metals, ceramic compounds, minerals, alloys, machinery, luxury items

Export: Computronics, Computronic Parts, Military Hardware (Union Fleet only), PDD's

NOTE: Kermac are not welcome; diplomatic or otherwise. Security on the Northern Half beyond the Sheet Mountains is extremely tight and lethally enforced. Factory is one of the few known places where Translocator Cannons are manufactured.

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