Freya’s Falcon CloakEdit


Freya’s most prized necklace is crafted of falcon feathers which allows the wearer to change into a Falcon She flies using her falcon winked cloak and protects love and relationships. Freya's chariot is drawn by two giant cats and she loves music, Spring, flowers, elves, and fairies. Freya was married to Odin who was frequently absent and would "disappear". Whenever she mourned the loss of her husband her tears turned to gold.

Eric Olafson hears about it the first time when his mother reads to him out of the Book of Legends in the same night she is killed.

That story is the reason Eric takes on the Alter Ego name Freya and later changes his name to Freya. Eric receives a Falcon cloak from the Queen of Saran as a gift (It is however based on Horus) Eric uses the Saran Falcon Coat during the Battle of Luxor. (See Book 21: The lost stories of Eric)

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