This is a typical Nilfeheim  music instrument. It was carefully copied from an aerchological find in Denmark find in an aerchological dig long before the Ascent and has been part of the Viking treasures and reference materials collected by the members of the original Viking Movement to be taken to the new world.[1]

it is called a Falster pibe as it was found near a shipyard at Fribrødre river on Falster, Denmark (Earth)[2]

To the originalpipe made out of horn or bone  a wooden mouthpiece was added, making the instrument into a hornpipe (a kind of oboe).

[1] Before the members of the Viking Movement Lars Erikson commanded his followers to collect antyhing item, reference, picture or original item they could find on the original Vikings to take it along..

[2] The find was from the later part of the 11th century