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Far Out System
Union System .
This main sequence B-type star is an unbound "Hypervelocity star (HVS). this star is no longer gravitationally bound and has reachedIntergalactic space . It is a so-called stellar outcast and has four planets.
All four planets are utilized. 

  • Far-Out-1
  • Far-Out-2
  • Far-Out-3
  • Far-Out-4

At first, it was a science outpost but quickly developed into a major Union system. The system would have been a stepping stone towards the Carina Dwarf Satellite galaxy (Distance    330,000 Ly). 
The first eighteen string stations of the estimated 66 stations were already built when the Ancient Gate Network was discovered and activated. 
While Carina Dwarf is now accessed, surveyed and utilized by traffic via the Gate, the decision was made to complete the Carina Dwarf Chain to create a reliable alternative route. Connecting CD with Space Train and GalNet .
Far Out remains a staging area for construction transports and a logistic center for the CD chain.

these so-called "stellar outcasts" or "intergalactic stars"

An intergalactic star, also known as an intracluster star or a rogue star, is a star not gravitationally bound to any galaxy. Although a source of much discussion in the scientific community during the late 1990s, intergalactic stars are now generally thought to have originated in galaxies, like other stars, but later expelled as the result of either colliding galaxies or of a multiple star system traveling too close to a supermassive black hole , which is found at the center of many galaxies.