Union Week Fourday

As the Feast Celebration begins on Pluribus, many hundreds of thousands of vendors and booths give away samples of cultural specialties. This sub-celebration is called the Feast of Cultures.

Restaurants and Food Vendors often use the Feast of Cultures to introduce new specialties. Hogun's Inn participated three times at the Feast of Cultures during the Festivities of Union Week at the Assembly and each year won recognition, the coveted Golden Fork Award of the Galactic Eaters Magazine and recently was recognized with a Volvo Gourmet Star for exceptional Sea food.  Würg & Kotz Delicatessen offered the Bandrupo Burger for the 1st time at the  Feast of Cultures. The Three-Buddies Company introduced their Verde Glen Centipede Soup and was an instant hit with a wide range of species.

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