While Nilfeheim religion and mytholoy is strongly based on the Edda and the mythology of the Norse, not even the members of the Viking movement had a direct connection to an old almost forgotten religion. The Viking movement drew elements of all kinds of sources, not just historic accurate but comic books, movies, role games, fantasy stories, faery tales and the mixed folk tales of Swedes, Norwegians, Danes and Germans. This mixture of sources developed into a mythology very unique to Nilfeheim. A mythology that has been told and retold for almost 3000 years and lasted and lasts muh longer than the original.

In Nilfeheim mythology, the Falcon Coat displayed at Hasvik is the "real feather coat" . The coat does not transform the wearer into a falcon, but allows the person to fly (Few Nilfheimers have ever seen a real bird and even less know what feathers are or what a facon supposed to be) To them it is an abstact depiction of an animal on the banner of the Ragnarssons.

The feathered dress displayed in a glass show case in the Hallway of the First Families is one of the many artefacts and curiosities collected by the Viking movement before they left Earth . The Coat displayed was perhaps used by a re-enactor or purchased by a collector who thought it looked like that mystical feather cloak. Whatever it originally was or who it belonged to is lost in time.

But it had been carried by one of the original colonists all the way from Earth to Nilfeheim and it along with a treasury of Earth pre Union antiques are almost forgotten. A handful of Neo Vikings know these items still exist,outside of the Keepers community.

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