Clan Chief is a general term describing an individual leading a clan. On Nilfeheim, this is a title and position. Within a Nilfeheim clans, the Clan Chief has ultimate and absolute decision power over every aspect.

Traditionally the position of Clan chief has always been male[1], but the Ancient Book of Tradition that regulates these matters doesn't prohibit a female chief. Elena Olafson became the first but so far only (as of 5050) female Clan Chief of Nilfheim.

While many Clan Chiefs and elders were reluctant to accept her, their fear of Isegrim, the former Olafson Clan Chief and her cousin and adopted brother Eric Olafson encouraged them to not openly reject her claim.


  1. Prior to Elena Olafson receiving the mantle of Clan Chief there occasionally were rumors that a clan chief was actually a woman in disguise, but no proof of that was ever made public.
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