Civilization: Feron


Adjective: Ferons

Place of Origin: Upward Sector

AL: 8

TL: 6

Association: Feron Hegemony

Status: extinct

The Ferons originated in the Sedraag System on the second planet called Fee. Xeno anthropology scholars commonly agree that the Ferons developed individually and were not part of the Human Mystery or the Life seeding activities of either the Pree or the Uni.

The Ferons DNA helix turns counter clock wise (opposite to Human DNA) and they can only consume foods that are based on right turning sugars. Biologically they are Semi Hominid. Meaning they do have two arms, two legs a head, stereoscopic arranged eyes and an endoskeleton with internal organs and a complicated bio neurological system. The Ferons were NiOx breathers but preferred a slightly higher nitrogen component.

The Ferons have two sexes and reproduce externally via cell bags (jelly-eggs).

The Feron society had a very strict Caste system of Inners and Outers . The Inners rule the society by advice and suggestions that are executed and performed by the Outers. The Inners never leave their homes, while the Outers dwell in semi open areas. How it was determined who would be an Inner and who would be an Outer is not known.

The Ferons ascended twice. Their first ascent terminated in a revolution that destroyed much of the technical knowledge. (The surviving colonists developed into the Freons)

The second ascent was more successful. The Ferons and Freons re established friendly contact but never reunited.

The Ferons became members of the First Galactic Council.

Due to their relative close proximity to Earth, they often and frequently visited Earth secretly and were known on Earth as the Grey, until the Ascent.

The Ferons did extensive testing and abducted many Earthers and unleashed a bio weapon on earth with the intent to test this weapon and then use it to attack the Sarans and the Pan Sarans.

This and other events lead to the Feron/ United Earth War of 2219-2221 that resulted in the complete destruction and extermination of the Feron race.

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