Fighter jackets

The United Stars of the Galaxies Space Navy is one of the few known civilizations utilizing small heavy armed space craft, piloted by one individual. These are called fighter craft and the individual piloting them are a special breed and consider themselves elite among the already highly professional Navy personnel. To express their individualism and to set themselves apart from “regular crews” they have developed various traditions and special ways of doing things.

Since most of the fighter traditions within the Union Fleet come from Earth , it is understandable why most of the fighter traditions have Terran roots.

The Flight Jacket is one of the most coveted and prized items of clothing both in the military as well as by civilians as well as the badges attached to these jackets.

Fighter Jackets have a rich and long tradition and go back all the way to World War One on Earth where pilots of the first flying machines were exposed to the elements in their open cockpits and needed a good durable and warm jacket.

Union Fleet does not officially supply these jackets and neither are they part of the official dress code, but by special order of the Admiral of the Fleet in 2240 every pilot that has flown a real sortie / mission is allowed to wear one as part of his or her outfit.

The picture shows the Fighter jacket owned and worn by former Admiral Olafson ., during his time as Midshipman on the USS Devastator . (Around 5019 ) The original can be seen in the Fleet Museum at Annapolis Earth . It is there on permanent loan from Nilfeheim Planet.

Olafsons flightjack

Olafson's Fighter Jacket

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