First Bandrupo appears
First  Bandrupo appears

Bando-bons reach TL 1 and the first super-sized Bandrupo appears. 
Both species are closely related and some scholastic and genetic research points to an external, yet to an identifiable source.[1]
The incredible size difference and the difficulty of being of such enormous size, makes the Ban-people (Both Bando-Bon and Bandrupo) limit the number of Bandrupo to 200. 
Bandrupo have a very long life span and most  Bandrupo alive during the 36th Century, BC are still alive in 5100 OTT.

[1] Research suggests that it could have been the Benefactors , or the Makers but no definite proof has yet surfaced. The Maker theory is based on an obscure legend that has similar elements in both the Ban-People and the X101 society

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