First Billie

Head of State of the Nogoll Government. Similar to King.

The office of First Billie exists in both the Black and the White Nogoll societies. Before the Kermac made a Thrall species out of the Nogoll, black and white Nogoll switched the office every 5 years. During the Kermac time , only black Nogoll were allowed to rule. 

After the Union/Nogoll war 5017-18 . The society split into two factions (White and Black) and settled on different planets. Each society has their own First Billie.

The first Billie is chosen by heritage and Nobility in the case of the Black Nogoll and elected in a democratic process in the case of the white Nogoll.

Once the office / role is occupied the powers of the First Billie are nearly absolute in both societies.

The Role is more than a pure Religious or civic one but also a cultural one, as the first Billie is also technically the first mate of all females and can and does mate with any of them. It is his sperm that is sent to Billie herds and distributed among elected females.

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