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Burg Maid

(Burg Maid, Head Maid or First Maid)aka Första hushåll flicka

This is a domestic household position in the Old households of Nilfeheim . Every clan maintaining a so called burg also employs a First maid. 

The position is similar to a Major Domus . A person (always female) in such a position manages kitchens, store rooms, household personnel and is one of the rare positions where a woman can have a leadership role in the Nilfeheim society.

The Head Maids generally plan and prepare meals, manage the store rooms and is in charge of the wash house, the still room and often has so called Key Power. She either carries a symbolic or a bunch of real keys that are both a symbol of her office and a real tool to open store rooms and such.

Some Burg Maids also control the Household Purse, and do the purchases for kitchen and households.

First Maids are often highly respected and deeply trusted by the Clan Chiefs. Usually they come from Clan Associated Free Men families.

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