First Paladin is a Rank and position of Honor in the Saturnian Militia organization called theGranit und Eichen Order. It is an ancient Semi Public Club/ Organization of great importance within the Saturnian Society but is not very well known in the Union as whole. It is best described as a mixture of Tradition, Heritage Club with elements of feudal knight Orders of Human Terran Past. The First Paladin is the highest rank one can obtain in this rank. It is as much as position of honor as it is a career position. The First Paladin has administrative tasks and is the defacto commander of this heavily armed group that trains in all forms of combat day in day out. To become a First Paladin, one must be of impeccable character and spend seven years as traveling Paladin and doing good chores and defend the weak. There are no specific rules as to exactly how this is done. Seven years Union Military Service in the Marines or Army is accepted but there must be prof-able heroic deeds. Usually a Paladin is supposed to travel and find injustice and set things right. Paladin Candidates can access enormous resources to complete their deeds. Such as Money, Spaceships or Fighting Members of the Granit und Eichen Order.

Note: Hermann Neugruber, the father of Hans Neugruber was a first Paladin.

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