First Among the Saresii

Inofficial term and office of the Saresii civilization. Officially the Saresii are governed by a commitee of nine scientists and scholars that together form the "Elected Seven". The seven are elected by their psionic abilities, their education and intellect and among themselves they elect the First among the Saresii. Officially the Saresii have no real government. They consider themselves advanced enough not to need to be governed, but the Seven and the First bascially make all decissions for the Saresii as a whole. The first among the Saresii is not an official office but it carries near unlimited power. The current First Among the Saresii . decided to be the Saresii representative and he comes to decissions for the Saresii. The post is hard to describe and relate to Non Saresii, but it is the closest thing to an absolute ruler.

The current FATS is a Saresii male (the first in ages) his name is Algear Moansti and he was the leader of the Psionic Academy at Sares Prime before he accepted the role as First Among the Saresii.

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