Elena Olafson was raised to be the first female Clan Chief on Nilfeheim by Isegrim Olafson the former Clan Chief. While the Elders objected during the Big Meeting they could not find a passage in the sacred book of Traditions that prohibited a woman to take this place if she completed the Ancient Challenge and was considered a Warrior.
Elena not only completed that Challenge, the first born Son and heir Eric Olafson freely and gladly endorsed her Clan Leadership role and warned he would challenge anyone giving Elena any kind of grief.
While Elena was already running the Clan business before and the other Clan Chiefs had accepted her it was difficult for her at first when she was "Officially Clan Chief". However the Olafson Clan being the richest and everyone fearing Eric was enough to give her a chance and she managed to earn the respect of everyone. She remained the only female Clan Chief until her death when she was suceeded by her adopted cousin's firstborn daughter Erica Olafson; against the hopes of Egill her example was not followed by other Clans while he was alive.

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