Five mout

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Five Mouth Centipede

One of several centipede -milipede like lifeforms of Green Hell .

It is related to the Burrow Digger and the Terror Mouth. It is among the very few lie forms of Geen Hell that share a common DNA source. Some scientists believe that these creatures are truly native to Green Hell.

Five mouths are called this way due to the five sets of mandibles they have.

The mandibles are very strong and there are reports that they have bitten through Armor suits.

They are rarer than the Burrow Diggers , and are known to roam many hundred miles instead of building dip pits and remaining still like the Burrow Diggers.

A fully grown Five Mouth reaches up to five meters in length and can weigh up to 1500 kilos.

Five Mouths are very aggressive and do attack water snakes (with little success usually).

Five Mouths are one of the few life forms on Green Hell that are not posionous.

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