Five of the Brotherhood
Five of the Brotherhood

Survivors of a previous Universe – Members of the Children of Sateer -

Brotherhood of Sateer

As their universe was about to be destroyed, these highly advanced civilizations tried to escape the imminent doom. The Brotherhood of Sateer fled into a Subspace pocket, but with the destruction of their Universe, the “Gateway” to that Subspace pocket was destroyed and they are trapped for all eternity in that Subspace pocket unless a new gateway is created.

According to the Prophecy of Before and Yet to come, only the Dark One (or the One behind it all ) have the power and the means to create that gateway.

Five members of the Brotherhood did not enter the Subspace pocket, but traveled to the Plane of Eternity to gain favor with the Voice of the Rule, (in a last ditch effort to save the destruction of their Universe). Their Home universe was destroyed before they could make their case. The Voice of the Rule allowed them to return to the next Universe to hunt Lord Lumix and his Knights of Light.

The Five of the Brotherhood each have a different plan to achieve the reincarnation of the Dark One on their terms. The five are known as the Masters and they are:

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