Fizy discs
Fizzy Discs

An ancient Pre Astro candy treat made of "eatable paper" and fruit flavored fizzy powder, once an obscure and little known product. It is an item of Union lore.

These Fizzy Discs were a favorite sweet / candy of the CO of the USS Sonjia Roos , a Botnaar Captain Regor Margis

It was during the 3rd War of the Union against the Galactic Council and just after the battle of Emorr (also known as the Emorr Massacre ). His orders were to assess the battle and collect Emorr tech and data. He was also encouraged to eliminate and destroy any surviving Emorr he encountered.

Instead of following these orders, Captain Margis conducted First Contact procedures. The Demon Heads were frightened and did not trust the sudden change.

During a face to face meeting , the leaders saw Captain Margis eat Fizzy Discs and inquired about the funny looking colorful food.

Margis shared some of the discs and the Demon Head leaders decided that someone who enjoys such funny food could not be all evil.

Margis was first reprimanded and faced a court martial, but Stahl took the case directly before the Assembly (See Margis vs Fleet )

The Fizzy Discs became the most favorite food of the Demon Heads. This incident is also a subject of a history class in Union School, the Academy and in Command School and because of that a very famous food item.

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