Local flesh
Carni Annealis- Domesticus

Agressive life form of planet "Pleasant Pasture" (aka the Pitts)

These duo headed annelids can be found by the millions infesting the continent spanning marsh and swamp lands covering much the main continent of Pleasant Pasture planet.

These worms can grow up to 15 cm in length, can coil  their bodies to jump and are attracted to vibrations and movement.

These worms were actually cataloged and named "Local Flesh Worms" and only later received a scientific name.

The flesh worms caused many injuries and even deaths among the first generation of colonists.

Benjamin Storod shipped several worms to BoCA for commercial potential analysis.

And the old wisdom that there is bound to be some species that will consume these worms held of course true as well. Xiptins, Ult and Spindlars are among several Union civilizations that consider these worms eatable and a food source. Storod makes as much money as the tourmaline mine and Boron production of the Thirtyeight Colonist Corporation .

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