Food labeling
Food Labeling

As diverse as the lifeforms that make up the Union are their food and sustenance requirements.

Virtually any substance, any combination of materials, alive and dead is eaten or consumed. Consuming something is one of the core definition of life.

While there are extremes such as the Camogi who are sustained by Nuclear Chemistry, the Narth who do not list any food supplement as requirement but apparently can eat everything given that they are able to adapt their physical form before. There are the X101 who do not need to consume as they are given a finite energy source at conception. There are of course many more that do not have food needs in a classical sense.

However the vast majority does eat and consume.

Since the conception of the Union a little over 5100 societies and sentients have joined. While a member society is not defined by its species, several classes of food consumers have emerged.

Class Type

  • 1 Organic
  • 2 Anorganic
  • 3 Omni
  • 4 Energy
  • 5 Non consumers

Class 1 - OrganicEdit

83 percent of all Union species are of this class. Meaning they require food of an organic source.

Class 2 - AnorganicEdit

12 percent require anorganic materials - 

Class 3 - OmniEdit

2 percent are able to sustain themselves on any kind of matter

Class 4 - EnergyEdit

2 percent need energy 

Class 5 - Non consumersEdit

1 percent have no food / dietary requirements

Any company or individual that produces or provides a substance intended for consumption and offers this substance on the Union Market must comply with Union food labeling policies.

This excludes substances that are classified as drugs - [1] but include such things as recreational consumption of substances such as Terran smoke sticks, Takkian water pills, Saresii Black tea,  etc.

For example, Copper is a common Takkian food (also consumed by Takians and Lyrham among others).  If it is sold as ore or metal,  it is not required to be labeled as food item. If it is processed and packaged for Takkians (and others) as food item and sold as food, it does.

The Union Trade Authority ( Part of the Civilian Affairs Council ) can provide any interested party with the labeling guidelines for any product.

All products regardless of purpose (be it a cleaning agent, a wad of steel wool or a pair of boots) must have a material content label.

Labels affixed to food packaging must be PDD readable - So any being regardless of their sensory capabilities can obtain the product information. 

Stores and shops must have label readers - Products sold on GalNet or at XChanges must link to an information source

[1] There are a vast number of substances that are harmless food to one species and toxic or harmful to another. These substances are generally not classified as drugs.

A drug is a Union wide acknowledged substance and on the List of restricted drugs.

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