Fourth fleet
th Fleet

The 4th fleet main region is the Upward / Spinward Sector – Headquarter is on King James Planet .

The 4th is one of the oldest Union Fleet formations and its first Commanding Officer Admiral Constantin Wright had imprinted his unique style on the fourth, that is fanatically obsered by the fourth to this day. It is also very controversial.

Because of this the 4th had suffered more than any of the then existing fleets during the Peace Hawk period. The Union Assembly granted the Fourth after that a special status, specifically permitting the “unususal style”.

The Fourth is heavy on symbolism. The four horse men of the Apocalypse is their logo. The officers of the fourth call themselves the Knights of the Union . Ships are adorned with heraldic symbols.The officers and crews hold to a fanatic code of service. Their uniforms are altered with chan mails and over coats.

They also considered to be the most brutal, edging on the very limits of the law an Union Fleet regulations. But no one can argue with their results and they are considered an elite among the Union Fleets. There is never a shortage of transfer requests and those who do make it show a fanatical pride usually only seen in Marines.

The members of the 4th hold the now dead Admiral Wright in an almost god like regard (even above Stahl)

It should be known that the Eternal Warrior is not exactly a friend of the 4th Fleet theatrics, but acknowledges their professionalism. The famous sentence . “I wish we had a second Devi right now, or the 4th showing up.” uttered by the Eternal Warrior during a space battle is still uttered by the 4th as a badge of special honor.

What surprises Fleet Command is the fact that the crews of the 4th somehow lap up the rigorous training and discipline demanded by the Officers of the 4th

(Almost as crazy is the 19th)