On this date the Big Four , representatives of the Neutral Civilizations of Free Space and the Blue came together once again on Poho the neutral main world of the Diobah.

The Blue, distant cousins of the Kermac intervened on behalf of the Kermac (and the Galactic Council) to broker an Armistice.

The United Stars of the Galaxies was winning the war and pushing deep into Galactic Council territory with the expressed goal to eradicate the Kermac threat once and for all.

The Blue fearing that this would exterminate their brethren, came from the Andromeda Galaxy in a huge strike fleet and with advanced technology and threatened to enter the war, unless all sides agreed on meeting for a peace conference.

All sides agreed and again the world Poho of the Diobah was chosen as a meeting ground.

Against the advice of Admiral Richard Stahl and the voices of the right wing faction of the Union Assembly, the Union government agreed.

A peace contract could not be signed due to the resistance of these voices within the Union, but an Armistice accord was reached and a document signed that effectively ended the 4th Galactic War on July the 14th, 4494.

The Blue made it very clear that this would be the last time they intervene on behalf of the Kermac.

(Mr. Walters mentions this date and asked what happened 500 years earlier.) (GC5: Eric Olafson, Neo Viking)


Armistice July the 14th, 4494 Planet of the Poho

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