This was a time period of unrestricted Bio Genetic Research.


Swash Ninety before the Domed City of Antarctica

A large group of genetic super soldiers attacked the Terran Assembly at Antarctica. After the Sarans had landed on Earth and the Guardian revealed himself to humankind, everything changed. With the technology received from the Sarans, Earth ascended and Humankind had access to the Stars. The Guardian eliminated nationalism and united Earth under one government and one rule basically overnight.

Terrans at first spread over their own solar system but soon begun to colonize neighboring planets.

Earth science had made great advances in the field of genetics and bio engineering even before the Ascent, but was hampered by religious, political and ethical barriers.

Not only was it considered a good idea to adjust the Genetics of Colonists that left for new worlds, it was made mandatory.

Corporations spreading out and far away from regulations, government oversights did not only grow into gigantic entities with enormous political and economic powers but they also competed and operated laboratories to come up with the next big thing.

This lead to an array of corporate owned Clone species. Sentient beings created for specific purposes but without rights and being Corporate properties.

This led eventually to a Clone revolt, to the Clone Wars and culminated into the Clone Attack on Antarctica.

and his crew of genetic engineered super soldiers, designed and cloned originally by Enroe Corporation used their superhuman abilities to overcome all defenses and break into the Assembly Hall of the United Earth Government. They threatened to massacre everyone present if their demands for freedom and liberty were not met.

Bepho, the Neanderthal and his team managed to trick Swash and resolve the situation.