01Fire Fus


Civilization: Freon

Adjective: Freons

Place of Origin: Upward Sector

AL: 8

TL: 6

Association: Feron Hegemony

Status: extinct ( re discovered Freon colony in 5028)

The Freons are an off-shot of the Feron species and like the Ferons their DNA turns counter clock wise and they cannot consume the same foods as humans.

The Freons reverted to stone age conditions after the revolution cut them off their home world and developed a distinct different society and changed biologically somewhat to adapt to their new home. The Freon have two sexes and gestate externally in Jelly sacs (eggs). The Freons abandoned the Inner and Outer Cast system and replaced it with a Communist socialist civic system were individual property became unknown. The society was led by a court of judges.

The Freons were members of the First Galactic Council and declared war on Earth after United Earth destroyed the Feron culture, however the newly founded United Stars of the Galaxy responded united and the Freon /Union War of 2220 lasted only nine month resulting in the complete destruction of the Freon race.

A Freon enclave was discovered in Kartanian space in 5028. This enclave was P Bombed by Captain Eric Olafson and completely destroyed.

Today there are no known Freon or Feron left and both species are considered to be extinct.

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