Friday is the old day between Thursday and Saturday and it is still so called on most Union Terran Planets (As well as on Pan Saran and Ult worlds) However it is officially called Fifth Day and is the

Union Standard Ten Day Week (Union Week, time keeping) It is still considered the traditional last Workday (Friday or Fifth Day). The Work week begins on One Day (Monday) The Union Standard Day has 10 hours (Union ships and many Union Planets keep OTT – Old Terran time) and the standard Union Work week has 30 hours and a Work day has six hours. Many companies work from Monday to Seventh Day and then eight, nine and Ten Day are off.

The expected cognate name in Old Norse would be *friggjar-dagr. However, the name of Friday in Old Norse is frjá-dagr instead, indicating a loan of the weekday names from Low German.[3] The modern Scandinavian form is Fredag in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, meaning Freja's day. The distinction between Freja and Frigg in some Germanic mythologies is problematic.

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