I was asked by three of my best friends(1) to tell the story of my life, to put it down in words so others can read about it.
At first I objected to the idea, but then it grew on me, mostly because during my long journey I have met a vast host of beings and individuals. Some became friends and some became much more, were the word friend simply isn't enough to describe the bond that is shared.
Some of these individuals became enemies and others simply played their part. It is to their memory I decided to dedicate this book.
It all began for me quite a while ago on a planet called Nilfeheim, where I was born as Eric Olafson, son of Isegrim Olafson and Ilva Ragnarsson at Gal-Date 0107-9999.91, but staying with the ancient, traditional Terran way of keeping dates it was October 7th,4999 and now I am ending it here on Narth Prime in the year 5348.
Even after almost 350 years my life does not draw to an end, but that part of my journey, the part my friends wanted me to share has come to an end.
I am getting ahead of myself and if you find it entertaining enough to follow my tale to the end I will tell you how and why I ended up on Narth Prime and what I have planned for my next and final journey.
As I said my life and my journey began about 350 years ago on a very cold water world called Nilfeheim. Thanks to the mental disciplines of the Narth I am able to recall much of the details and so I decided to tell you this story from my perspective, even if I borrow the voices of others occasionally.

Truly yours

A Narth (Formerly known as E. Olafson, Admiral Ret. USotG Navy)

(1) The three friends were: Narth, Har-Hi and Shea

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