GalCom is the personal call and communications network operated by GalNet.

It is a Union Wide Service that is Government supported. GalNet Terminals with GalCom connections are mandatory on all Union Planets and Installations.

The only Competitor to GalNet was GalCom with a similar system but has been purchased by SII Communications in 2224 and now SII Com operates both Companies where GalCom exclusively handles the person to person call and communications.

GalCom is the envy of other space faring civilizations and is very affordable and a call across the street costs the same as a call across the Galaxy.

A GalCom Call with voice and visuals costs about .25 credits. Full Avatar services due to the large data flow requirements and expensive Avatar enabled terminals can cost up to 5 credits an hour.

Calls to emergency services, calls to government and representatives are always free.

Usually it is enough to know the persons name and origin or home address to get a connection but a Person also gets a GalCom Code with his or her PDD and can decide to remain unlisted or reachable only via code.

The Military uses a federal version of GalCom. Officially designated NavCom but no one not even the Communications officers use the term. Virtually everybody in the Union says GalCom Call or GalNet Connection.

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