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Both a commercial term owned by Schwartz Intergalactic Industries (SII) – SII-Communications Inc. and a general term used for describing a vast variety of Communication options.

The population of Earth had always been obsessed with fast communication and a considerable amount of that civilization's efforts were spend on finding faster and better ways to share information over long distances.

After The Ascent and the spread of human kind over many colonies and places light years away the only communication available was via post ship.

Other Space faring civilizations had various communication technologies but none were instant and messages between star systems took days and weeks to arrive.

SII developed an instantaneous method of data transmission that allows instant communication regardless of distance. The system has physical range limitations but can be indefinitely extended with relay stations. Instant communication is even possible with Colonies and planets in the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Instant Communication ability is credited as one of the major factors contributing to the general unity, happiness and peace of Union citizens. There are millions of entertainment and news channels that can be accessed instantaneously along with educational material and information.

Scientist from Shail can easily and effortless share research with Attikan Colleagues in the Magellan Cloud. A Grandmother can call her grandchildren thousands of Light years away.

With the advent of Avatar technologies one can virtually travel and visit many places and experience the locality as if being there for real.

GalNet also enables the political participation of all citizens regardless of their location.

The fleet and the military uses a similar system that uses both GalNet and military dedicated net assets.

The only Competitor to GalNet was GalCom with a similar system but they have been purchased by SII Communications early on and now SII Com operates both Companies where GalCom exclusively handles the person to person call and communications.

GalCom is the envy of other spacefaring civilizations and is very affordable as a call across the street costs the same as a call across the Galaxy.

A GalCom Call with voice and visuals costs about .25 credits. Full Avatar services due to the large data flow requirements and expensive Avatar enabled terminals can cost up to 5 credits an hour.

Calls to emergency services, calls to government and representatives are always free.

Critics claim that this important service to the public should not be the monopoly of one company, but no other service or technology has yet been invented that offers the same services.

- GalNet is the single largest civilian employer in the Union

- Operates over 20 million permanently staffed Relay stations

- Operates over a Trillion automated relay stations.

- Is 99.97% reliable and has an excellent service record.

- Provides low income families (Union Citizens) with free basic GalNet terminals.