GalNet Terminal

Public GalNet Terminal

General Term describing any installed device that allows GalNet and GalCom access. Some PDD's and Data Head Devices also allow GalNet access but are generally not described as Terminals. Even though Military Devices work on a completely separate System they are still often called GalNet Terminals. (Comm Board is the other common Term) There are Standard Terminals that allow basic Communication, There are Avatar Enabled Terminals allowing Tele Avatar Interaction with other Environments (With an Avatar Enabled Terminal present) The latest Terminals (currently available only at the Core worlds) are able to send up to 5 Kilos of Matter via Trans-Matter-Radio ™ . SII promises that TMR will be available for the entire GalNet by 5400.

Public GalNet Terminals are a mandatory Installation for any Colony or Place with Union Membership. The Union Colonist Bureau provides any new Settlement with at least one Public GalNet Terminal and part of the SII Service contract with the Union is that they must install the Relay Chains needed to reach that Terminal[1].


  1. When the Golden joined in 5021, an analyst at SII realized that even if SII were to use 90% of the resources dedicated to repair and installation of GalNet terminals and their related relay chains, it would take longer than the legal time limit. An exemption was granted due to the special circumstances as part of that agreement SII contracted out a number of Golden Ships to aid in the placing of the new relay lines.
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