Galnet shows
Galnet Shows

A general term for news and entertainment offers on GalNet. The word channels is a left over from the days of electromagnetic radio waves and frequencies.

Of course GalNet does not operate on the same principles as radio waves , but calling the different choices channels has become a firm term. For example the official Assembly broad cast is called channel one .

A GalNet show is a preset entertainment form akin to the ancient radio and TV programs. Many GalNet channels still broadcast scripted and life shows that do not offer the participation  options Virtu Shows offer.

Show is a general term and could mean one of the popular game or quiz programs, scripted and acted programs as well as documentaries and stage or music performances.

Early on, many predicted the demise of 2Dee and ThreeDee programs, with the advent of immersive Virtu, but despite all predictions there are still many thousand 

non Virtu shows. Some shows and programs offer both choices.  

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