Galaxy Bar (A and B)

Galaxy bar (A) extends across the Galactic Center , with latest survey data for its half-length and orientation spanning about 5 kpc (long bar) and rotated 15 degrees to the galactic North.

The Milky Way (M-0) features two distinct bars, (A and B) one nestled within the other. The bar is delineated byred-clump stars , however, RR Lyr variables do not trace a prominent Galactic bar. The is surrounded by a ring called the "5-kpc ring" that contains a large fraction of the molecular hydrogen present in the galaxy, as well as most of the Milky Way's star formation activity. Viewed from the Andromeda Galaxy, it is the brightest feature of our galaxy.

The Galactic Center is of great interest to Union Scientists, so the Science Corps established a Research Station only 200 light years from the actual Galactic Center. (The GCRC)