Gal cath
 Galactic Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church split after the Ascent after 2089. Due to base doctrine questions . The Roman Catholic Church maintains that only Terran Humans have a soul and Jesus has died only for Earthers.

Non Earth beings could not be babtised or receive communion, while the Galactic Catholic Church maintained that God is for every living being and everyone regardless of race and origin could be babtised.

The GCC migrated during the Second Exodus to the Planet Dolce Vita and made this world their center of faith.

Several faith groups have been created and created their own churches over the many centuries.

However the GCC remains to be a major religion of the Union and is ranked the 7th largest faith based religion with over 100 Billion members Union wide.

Despite that relative large number, religion does not play a very important role to most Union Citizens. (even the #1 Religion RA worship with 800 Billion is really having much influence in daily life)

There are Churches on many Core planets and the GCC maintains several For Profit and Non profit organizations of wich the Good Brothers is perhaps the most known.

Little known are their associated monastries and Orders of Faith, like the Salvation Warriors , the Brothers of the Galactic Savior . the Keviniter, the Knights of the glowing Cross  and the Red Sisters of the Black Cross.  

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