Galactic Chronicles Story Line


Book 1 : The Third Way - Cycle : COSMICS [3]


The Five of the Brotherhood split up. Each with a different plan to achieve the reincarnation of the Dark One on their terms. The five are known as the Masters and they are:

  1. Invictus

  2. Non

  3. Corflic

  4. Cubus

  5. Luc

Invictus , is a warrior and is convinced brute force is the answer. He believes conquering much of the Universe, giving the Dark One an Empire as a present is the right way to achieve their goals.

Corflic is a scholar and he believes the Dark One will rise from a planet called Earth,[1] as the Seer predicted. Corflic creates and sends the Guardian to make sure Earth develops only Humans.

Non is not convinced that Corflic can keep Earth and thus Earthers safe. He seeds the conditions to human life on many young planets.

Cubus seeks the 12 Tokens

Luc creates the Destroyers and fights the Knights of Light .[2]

[1] The Prophecy is quite clear on that (The Seer is from the Earth of his Universe) He was one of the Warriors Crea selected to attack the Dark One. Legend has it that the Dark One's human form is from Earth as well (See: the Dark Ones first Incarnation )

[2] Author's Note Luc and Cubus roles might change a little in the rewrite.

[3] The Book COSMICS has not been published

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