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Dedication and Foreword to the Wiki

Dedication and Foreword to the Wiki

My Wiki is now over 16,000 pages.

This Encyclopedia is a supplement to the Galactic Chronicles series of Sci-Fi stories I have published on SOL, Patreon, Inkitt and Fictionpress

My series has a small but growing dedicated fan community and this GalNet Wiki is primarily for them, but of course also for all new readers.

It is the nature of a Science Fiction story to describe events, things and places of exotic and alien nature. While I am a writer first and foremost, meaning I paint and illustrate my worlds and the surroundings of my stories with words; I am also a Sci-Fi geek and have always loved the compendium and supplement books of such series as Star Trek , Star Wars and so forth.

My stories tell the events and adventures of individuals but all stories happen in the same Universe, with the same aliens and play against the same political background. Each book is an individual story, but all together tell the story of this, my Universe.

To give my readers and my friends a visual aide and a place where they can check out on concepts, aliens and characters; I have started this Wiki.

It is an ongoing project and will be a slow process; as I am also continue to write and still have to work for a living.

However it is a labor of love and I hope to add to it whenever I can and hopefully make it one day as complete as I can.