Gene Clinics

Prior to the tough Gene manipulation laws of the Union, there were Gene Clinics everywhere and offered uncontrolled services to everyone who could pay. Not only the Gene Clone War but also serious genetic and psycho problems were the result.

Today Gene Clinics are government licenced and strict supervised institutions. Mostly assisting trans species couples to concieve offf spring. These manipulations are also strictly regulated. [1] Gene Clinics are also consulted to check for Prenatal Genetic defects and genetic corrections. Of course they also offer genetic corrections and gene surgery to Citizens suffering from Genetic defects. Gene procedures must be approved by Med Central and can only be peformed by licenced practiconers. Any illegal or uncontrolled genetic manipulation on a sentient being carries draconic penalties. These laws are a direct result of the Gen Clone Revolt and gene Clone Wars. Many other Union Members have a histroy of genetic manipulation with almsot always similar results.

[1]Underground Clinics offer similar services with often horrific results (See Frankenstoners)

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