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Union Planet in the Yutoo System

-not represented , Pop 2000

Class Seven Gasgiant – 14 larger moons. Largest Moon Twilight.

While moon twilight is the most populated planet in the system, all 14 Moons and the Planet Gigaball are utilized by the Union .

Gigaball is a classical jupiter like gas Giant with several layers of liquefied gases and a metallic helium core. Two Refineries for MOLGAS are established on Gigaball.

Gigaball is represented via the Representative of Twilight .

All 14 Moons of Gigaball, the 21 moons of Mel and the 4 rock type planets are connected via local Space tram and System Taxies. 

The Moons of GigaballEdit

  • 1 Baseball, moon mining Pop 5600
  • 2 Ice ball, moon Water production pop 5500
  • 3 Snow Ball, moon Water production pop 2200
  • 4 Foot Ball, moon Copper Ore Mining pop 3440
  • 5 Cue Ball, moon Mushroom Farming Pop 400
  • 6 Dirt Ball, moon Soil production, Pop 700
  • 7 Gum ball, moon Federal Research Facility Pop 5500
  • 8 Tennis Ball, moon Ship Fuel Depot and Ship Yard Pop 19000
  • 9 Hover Ball, moon Corporate HQ of Asher and Pi'tzz Inc Pop 4,500
  • 10 Vac Ball, moon Corporate HQ and factories for Vac Sports Inc.
  • 11 Masked Ball, moon aka Slammer Moon - Corporate Correction facility Moore Inc.
  • 12 Twilight
  • 13 Clod Ball, moon Private Clinic of Asher and Pi'tzz Pop 340
  • 14 Little Ball, moon Private Residence Pop 28