Life form of Jalapeno, Planet – System Far-Star Barnard's Galaxy .

After Barnard's Expedition reached the distant galaxy in 5020 and Barnard's Base was established.

The ruins and artifacts of a TL 9 civilization were found. Surveys of the neighboring systems found more cities and remains of the Lister. In a star system 8 light yearss from Barnard's Base, a marginal Garden world ofaridd character wasdiscovered. Thee planet not only had a sprawling and abandoned city of the Lister , but a diverse Biosphere.

A very large life form, named the Glotmahan (A name found in the deciphered records of the Lister.) was discovered, but more or less ignored. The focus was on the ruins and the Lister

Only very recently (as of 5050) was it discovered that the beasts are self aware. 

A team of First Contact specialists have been sent to investigate further.

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