Golden beetle
Golden Lantern Beetle

Planet He Mang

These about chicken egg sized insectoid beetle like creatures are native to the planet He-Mang, and can be mildly harmful to an unprotected human by sting and bite.Neither form of attack is life threatening.

The beetles are considered good luck charms by the locals colonists and are neither eaten nor killed on purpose.

The beetles are predators and hunt other local vermin by attracting them with their golden light organs they extend like tiny lanterns.

These critters are not swarm animals and only appear for two to three month out of a local year, as full grown beetles.

Golden Lantern Beetles are traded and sold legally usially kept in little enviro boxes for good luck.

(Bio Haz Level II) - Beetles that are sold off world must be neutered so they can not reproduce outside their natural habitat.

It's not a big commodity and maybe 3000 beetles make it on the Galactic Market.

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