Green hell
Green Hell
is a Garden World and the second planet in the Maxwell System.

2.5 G's, with 60% jungle coverage, thinning near the poles, some freshwater lakes, and mountains. Termed, "the most dangerous planet in the known Universe," and home to some of the most lethal naturally occurring lifeforms. Including the most deadly organic poison and strongest organic acid. Everything alive is armed with an array of lethal body weapons nature has ever invented.

First discovered by the Saresii, who named it "Mrthgtha" meaning murder-all. The Sarans also discovered it, calling it "Imthe-Seth" meaning death world. However all attempts to colonize the planet had failed, mostly due to the death of every expedition by the local flora and fauna. When Terrans rediscovered it they too lost colony expeditions, but in the classic Terran style, they didn't give up and eventually resorted to a full squad of Marines, clearing an island and establishing the first and only planetary base. Scientists followed to study the many exotic lifeforms, and the services to support the scientists crept in. Eventually the small and only town on the planet was formed called Ant Hill. There is no spaceport on Green Hell, but there is a Shuttle Pad on top of the Merchant Tower, the tallest building in Ant Hill and on the planet. A shuttle serves Green Hell daily to Harper's Junction, the system hub.

Greenie is a name used to described a person born on Green Hell. Carrying personal firearms is recommended and most residents have at least one armed robot in case any of the local wildlife finds its way into the protective force fields.

Partial List of Local Lifeforms Edit

Lightning Dragon, Bone Gripper, Pandora Swan, Dragon Ant, Kill Dagger, Stomper, Gladiator Eagle, Tantalus Oak, Water Snake, Vamp-Fly, Moolax Spider, Trappers Palm, Dagger Bush, Strangle Vines, Mortar Toad, Fire Nettle, Terror Moss, Ninja Weasel, Insecto-Saurus, Murder Grass, Hell Berries, Scare Bug, Razor Fish, Killer Moss, Arrow Wasps

Green Hell map2

Map of Green Hell

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