The green seg

Green the Segment of Life

Not much information is available on the Green Segment of Life that was part of the Universal Collective (generally known as the UNI )

The Saresii say the Green Segment was the protector and advocate of life but it extended its protection only to those the UNI found worthy to receive their protection. The Green Segment, so the ancient records of the Saresii claim were the ones that seeded Human life all over the Galaxy in an attempt to secure their survival in form of DNA sequences left behind in new and young species and that all human species eventually unite and form a new Universal Collective.

At a Galacto Historian symposium held in 5001 (annually held at Planet Poho ) Union and non Union scholars, historians, Archeologists and related experts discussed the Uni in great length and a Kermac scholar insists that the Uni intended the Kermac to be the motor of this reunification of all sentient humanoid species and have been picked as the natural leaders and the next White Segment .

While this idea was rejected by most attending scholars, the recent re discovery of the original Kermac home world Koken and the extensive Uni artifacts found there makes the statement of the Kermac scholar quite likely.

The same Kermac scholar published an extensive paper on the Uni and especially the Green Segment which can be found on the document section of the Galacto Historic Association GalNet site.

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