Grey hh00ds
Grey Hoods

The Grey Hoods are the priest cast of the Antemortems.(Necros) A death cult that can be found all across the Galaxy.
Beings of many societies and species belong to this religion. Being a Grey Hood is not illegal within the Union. The Antemortems are considered a criminal organization and practicing this religion is illegal.
Grey Hoods can be found many large metropoles, spaceports within Union Space and outside.
A large community of Grey Hoods(Antemortems) was discovered in the Underground sewers of Sin 4. There is a known community of Grey Hoods on Pluribus.
Grey Hoods worship death. Their practice to revive the dead with illegal cell animation, illegal cloning, or implanting, transplanting brains and corps animators is highly illegal.
They use genetically altered beings as their enforcers (Night Rippers)
Former Members of the Neo Vamp societies can often be found within their ranks.
Bellebee research believes that less than 5000 Citizens are members.
The estimated 600,000 Grey Hoods that live within the Union are mostly Residents and Non Cits.
Outside Union space, they are an influential society, they are the Arch enemies of the Church of Darkness.
Their leader is the Necro King.
The Narth and the Saresii consider them dangerous as they practice something called Necromage-Psionics.

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