Guild masters
Guild Masters, - Kartanian Guild Masters

Kartanians are an old species of ocean born crustaceans, that made the step to a land dwelling species.

Ever since the Kartanians made the Ascent they are known the Galaxy over as makers of space ship and things associated with space ships. Many space faring societies of the M-0 Galaxy do not built their own ships but purchase Kartanian ships and tech.

Kartanian Society is led by the First Engineer and the guild masters.

Once there where thousands of guilds, but they were slowly but steadily incorporated and reduced to 12 guilds :

  1. Hull Makers

  2. Frame Makers

  3. Engine Makers

  4. Electronic Makers

  5. Weapon Makers

  6. Yard Makers

  7. Food Makers

  8. Safety Makers

  9. Metal Makers

  10. Things Makers

  11. Traders Guild

  12. Science and Culture Guild

Each guild has a leading guild family and a Guild Master.. The Guild Masters in turn make the Guild Masters Conference, which is the Kartanian absolute Government.

The First Engineer is the chairman and the final instance, but the guild master is “sleeping” for over hundred years now and the Guild masters are making decisions without the First Engineers guidance or input. The Guild masters started to rotate the leading chair position among each other for a while, but now it is occupied by the Weapon Makers Guild Master and he is not vacating it.

Guild Masters are not elected but each Guild determines on their own rules how a Guild Master is selected. Mostly it is decided among the richest and most influential guild families.

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